Care and Learning

At Little Jewels Pre-school we teach children to learn through play. This encourages the children to develop skills and to learn by examples set whilst playing, thus making the learning process both fun and enjoyable.

Our aim within the Pre-School is to ensure that your child is ready and eager to start mainstream school.

Following the key areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and led by qualified practitioners, the structured programme of activities is rich and varied including music, science experiments, creative play and gardening.

The type of teaching is enormously varied. We combine both adult-led and child-initiated activities to encourage independent learning and motivate children to link together the areas of development.

Babies & Toddlers:

The first two years of a child’s life are critical to their development. During this period a child’s experiences plays a fundamental role in the development of the brain and laying the foundations for all intellectual and emotional development to follow.

Through the constant care and support from our qualified staff we aim to create an atmosphere which allows babies to develop and progress at their own pace whilst gaining in confidence. Using movement, sound, colour and touch, babies are encouraged to explore, develop and above all, enjoy their ‘second home’.
During the third year of a child life, they will experience huge changes moving from total dependence as a baby to a more independent, mobile world. At this age a child explores their ability to assert their independence and individuality, communicate, move purposely and control their bodily functions.

Through this period your chid will be provided with challenges in a relaxed and trusting environment. Our staff will plan activities based on each individual child’s needs and interests so as to encourage their involvement.

As our children move into independence our programme for learning develops a more meaningful and purposeful structure, where children are positively encouraged to explore the world around them with curiosity. Making learning fun, encouraging children to respond with enthusiasm and vigour.

Our setting is specially layout to enable the children to explore their environment freely. The activities provided are based upon a child’s first experience of the world and are carefully planned, prepared and appropriate for each individual child’s stage of development. We recognise that every child is an individual and has varying needs and abilities; we plan every child’s day to make it fun and educational. We provide a range of activities, sensory equipment and different natural material that will stimulate and encourage their progress.
Our policy is to work closely with Haringey Council and local schools to ensure that our teaching methods attain the standards necessary for each child to enter the primary education system.

Preschool Leavers:
As your child finishes their time at Little Jewels Pre-School we celebrate them moving onto mainstream school in style: with a fun and exciting graduation ceremony. An occasion for all the family with a Preschool Production and a graduation service (complete with little gowns and hats).
However, it doesn’t have to end there. We also provide a pick-up service from local schools, during your child’s settling period. So you can rest assure that they are being picked up by a familiar face and looked after in the setting they are accustomed to, until you are able to pick them up and take them home.