We offer a nutritious and balanced breakfast and lunch and afternoon snack. Meal times, although very relaxed, are also considered a time for learning social skills.

Vegetarian meals are provided and care is taken to ensure that any food intolerance is carefully monitored.
Below is a sample of our weekly menu, this may change for time to time, but the most current menu is always displayed on the parent’s notice board.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Option 1 Seasoned Chicken
Pasta in Veg Sauce & Bread(HM)
Sheperds Pie(HM)
Salad & Bread
Batterd Cod Fillets
Ratatouille & Bread
Macaroni Cheese (HM)
Salad & Bread
Lamb Stew & Dumplings (HM)
Pilaf Rice & Bread
Option 2 Roasted Med Veg (HM)
Pasta in Veg Sauce(HM)
Stir Fry Vegetables(HM)
Cous cous & Bread
Veg Stew(HM)
Pilaf Rice & Bread
Dessert Fruit Salad (HM) Fruit Jelly (HM) Ice Cream & Fruit Strawberry Yoghurt (HM) Chocolate Krispies (HM)
Afternoon Snack Snack goes here Snack goes here Snack goes here Snack goes here Snack goes here

HM = homemade
Option 2 is provided where option 1 is a meat dish