Our Policies

Illness and Absences
The School must be informed before 9.30am if your child is likely to be absent. We also request immediate notification if your child should contract a contagious illness.

Only prescribed medication will be given to children at the request of the parent/guardian. Clear instruction on administration must be provided.

Little Jewels is not linked to any particular denomination and welcomes children from all faiths.

Equal Opportunities
At Little Jewels, we recognise the multi-cultural nature of our community. We endeavour to encourage a positive self-image whilst catering for the individual needs of each child. We provide toys and equipment that will encourage awareness of all cultures i.e. books, puzzles, musical activities, dolls and wall displays. We also aim to offer each child an absolute equal opportunity to fulfil his/her potential.
It is the school’s intention to respect the dignity of all people with regards to gender, race, age, religion, physical or mental ability. Parents are always asked for ideas and suggestions.

At Little Jewels we pride our selves on learning from our mistakes. If, for any reason, you as a Parent/Guardian are not happy with the service that you are receiving, please do not hesitate to bring it the attention of the Pre-school’s Manager.  If after you have lodged a complaint, you are still not happy with the service we have provided, you can contact Ofsted at https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-school.