Welcome to our staff page.


My name is Almudena, I am from Spain and I have worked at Little Jewels Pre-school for over one year as a nursery assistant, I love working with children and see how every day you can learn something new from them.


I am Diane, a senior and function as a key person at Little Jewels. I enjoy interacting with both parents and children and look forward to group time with my key children. I have undergone various levels of training such as Block Play training, early identification of speech language and communication needs, the role of the key person in an early years setting, child protection and safeguarding awareness refresher course, NVQ level 3, just to name a few. I am presently pursuing NVQ level 5.


My interest in childcare started since I was really young, since I am the eldest of four sons. I grew up in a family environment, frequenting the oratory of my church, taking part at all the activities (summer schools, welcoming parties, extracurricular classes, theatre/dance/choir clubs) and, consequently, learning how to deal with youth. However, children are my passion. Any chance I get to see them learn, help them learn, and to teach them just brightens my day. I enjoy listening to children and members of staff and take their thoughts into consideration. Listening to other members of staff and getting feedback, helps me learn because I will know what areas I need to improve. I feel that good communication skills are very essential when working within a team especially when children are involved.Child carer and volunteering activities for eight years, I hold a degree in Eastern Languages and have gained other certificate such as First AID and KS2 / KS3, recently gained a full-time position as nursery assistant in Little Jewels Pre-school.


My name is Eliz and I have been working at Little Jewels Pre-School for 3 years and hoping to work for many more years, gaining some new skills and help children to learn. I have a BA Degree in Early Childhood Studies. I am the Deputy Manager at Little Jewels Pre-School and I work very closely with all the children, parents and all staff.

It is a pleasure to work with children at Little Jewels Pre-School where they are cared for and looked after so well by all members of staff. It is a wonderful feeling to work with children, encourage them to learn, see them grow and develop, but sad to say goodbye when it’s time to let go.


I have been working at Little Jewels for four years now and thanks to the support of the proprietors and manager, I have attained my level 3 in Childcare and Development alongside many other training other training/course certificates and currently studying my levels in Leadership and Management.

I have held many posts throughout my adult working life and I find this job to be the most challenging, but also the most rewarding because I have found that the love and care I am able to give 100% to this role, comes back to me tenfold when I see the children grow, learn and progress with the skills we as a team/family have instilled in them.


I started working at LJP as an assistant, supporting the children during activities and trips. I started my childcare qualification on the foundation stage, birth to three matters, managing behaviour, learning through play, NVQ2, and have started level 3.

I have also attended training on leadership, which later on I was promoted to a position as a supervisor. I have worked at LJP for the last 15 years.


Hi I am Susana a mother of three. Being a parent gave me the drive to pursue a career with children and I have not looked back since. I have been working in childcare for over 13 years. My journey with Little Jewels Pre-school started about seven years ago when I was given the opportunity to work as a nursery assistant. I have gained so much experience over the past years, I am now a Level 3 qualified nursery nurse. It’s a pleasure to work at Little Jewels with such lovely support team and a warm environment.


Ever since I’ve been working with the staffs and children at LJP, there have always been awesome memories and moments where I’ve been able to learn from the children and staff. With these experiences and opportunities to learn and observe everyone, I’ve been able to develop as a staff- learning, sharing and experiencing things is a new way to teach others new things.


It’s a pleasure working in an environment where children come first, which has been created by the proprietors of the setting. It’s a desire seeing the children grow and develop and have families bring their third and fourth child at the setting, this helps us know that our practice is correct and well received by our parents. Our staff turnover is to the minimum again another great example of knowing how the setting is function and for I as the manger, able to see our hard work.

I am fortunate to have worked here for the last nine years and wish to continue working and develop further skills to enable me to function better.

I currently hold a BA Hon in Early Years Professional Studies and child development. My passion is seeing children learn and develop and create an environment which is happy, caring, warmth, stimulating and safeguarding.